Monday, December 6, 2010

Links to Onggi: Korean Onggi Images

  Lee Hak Soo and Kim Il Mann

The Korean onggi images on this post are all from either Kim Il Mann's studio near Yeoju or Lee Hak Soo's near Bosong.  Kim Il Mann uses coils to form his work and Lee Hak Soo uses slabs. (Click Link)
To view the image slide show, click the above link.  When the page opens you will find a "Play Slideshow" link with some images under it.  Click that link and the images will play automatically or you can advance the slides individually.  These are not process images but give a feel for the studios and kilns.  To stop the show simply click on the photo and scroll to the control.  Click on the red dot to return to start page and the back arrow to return to this blog.
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Links to Onggi: The Ulsan Onggi Movie

  Four Hands Onggi Ulsan

In some ways the posts I call "Links to Onggi" could be accomplished with one click connecting you to our web site on Korean OnggiThat is why I'm giving you that option.  The purpose for these "Links" posts is to help you connect the two websites and opening the content there more directly with this site.  
I am creating separate link posts so that you can find what you are looking for more directly.
This first link post is to a slide movie on Ulsan.  It was made as my first attempt at movie making and was created very quickly on the spot at an Apple Store as part of a lesson I was taking on movie making.  That's why the voice over is a little erratic.  Never the less, I think the video serves the purpose of introducing you to Ulsan's Or-goson Ongi Village and their approach to forming onggi.  You will need to download Quicktime to view that movie properly.  Simply click on the back button there to return to this blog. 
I hope you enjoy the movie. The Ulsan Onggi Movie.
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